High on Life


I opened the twitter app to discover something that would hit me right in the stomach. The headline read "Famous YouTube Stars Die in a Tragic Accident." I knew immediately that I had a feeling it was someone I followed. It was worst then I thought it could be. I was completely shocked to find out that three members of the YouTube channel High on Life (Megan Scraper, Ryker Gamble, and Alexey Lyakh) all passed away after a tragic accident at Shannon Falls in British Columbia. I have had a lot of emotions run through my mind over the last few days and I have tried to process them as best as I can. I spoke with my wife and best friend Nathan and we have all been really sad about the whole ordeal. We all loved seeing Megan, Ryker, and Alexey on the channel High on Life. I don’t want to focus on anything but the impact that these three individuals had on The Journey as a group. 

When you first start making movies on YouTube you look for other channels that are close to your brand. You discover those channels and then you try and highlight some of their strengths and separate yourself with your own unique style. Anyone who is starting out on Youtube would be lying if they told you there wasn’t channels they looked up to and tried to copy. For us High on Life was not necessarily a channel we wanted to be exactly like as we have a different style, but there was a lot of things about the channel that we appreciated. They are a group of friends who travel the world showing people amazing places and do amazing things. Their purpose is to inspire others to make their own dreams. For us at The Journey we have this same vision. We want to use our God given talents and abilities to make a difference in the world and point others to their own Journey in life. That could be a musician, content creator, graphic artist, entrepreneur, architect, painter, salesman, machinist, etc… Whatever your talents are that God has given you we want you to find that gift and be inspired. For us it was easy to be motivated by High on Life and especially inspired through the lives of Megan, Ryker, and Alexey. 

I have watched the video High on Life posted to remember their dear friends. In a lot of ways what they expressed about who they were as individuals is exactly how we saw them. They were full of life and lived every day to the fullest. They were courageous and positive and used that message to impact millions around the world. One of our favorite episodes was their Bali villa video. I just remember us all commenting about how sick that place was and how epic their footage was. They made that Villa look like the penthouse suite and a dream vacation spot. There are so many great videos to take from their channel and I am sure they will continue to produce great content but it will never be the same without Megan, Ryker, and Alexey. Megan, Ryker, and Alexey’s spirit will live on through the group and I hope they continue to produce amazing content. I just know it is hard when you lose someone you care so deeply about, which is why we are hurting for them. We know that they are in a dark place and need encouragement and we want to lift everyone at the High on Life family up. 

The main reason for this blog post was to honor the three lives who were lost. I pray we never become numb to losing life. Life is the most precious thing we have and something to never take lightly. I think all three of them would want the world to know that. They lived every day like it was their last and they did not hold back ever. They have inspired The Journey to continue to push ourselves and to make others dream. Whatever is in your head about things you want to do they would want you to know that you can achieve them. One of the leaders of High on Life said in the memorial video that you need to stop saying you cant and start finding ways you can. That is what 4 of us decided a year ago and in a short time we have seen growth we never thought possible. We know we have a long way to go but ultimately if you cant do things without being noticed then you don’t deserve to do them and be noticed. 

Don’t take anything for granted, that’s what Megan, Ryker, and Alexey taught us. We will miss you and we thank you for your spirit and your happiness for life. We are praying for the whole High on Life family and community as they grieve through this terrible loss. Just know that The Journey is in your corner. 

Journey of a Founder

Lucas Smissen