Located in Dallas, The Journey sparked many years ago, when Lucas was coming home from a family reunion. After multiple weeks of traveling and experiencing new places for the first time, he got hooked. Sitting in the backseat of the car he noticed his parents had a large 50 state Atlas map. As he flipped through the pages of the map he discovered new places he wanted to travel to and see for himself. He decided that summer, that he was going to journey across the United States. Not knowing where to begin, or how he was going to achieve his goal, he began The Journey. For the past three summers, he has traveled over 25,o00 miles, and visited 30 plus states in this beautiful country. The idea began with himself, and he decided that this would be an adventure he would want to share with others. He presented his ambitious ideas to his best friends, to see if any of them would be interested in traveling with him, and they were all in. After many hours of planning and guidance from fellow travelers, they were ready for an adventure. So the summer of 2014, they set out on their first Journey. A 17 day jam-packed schedule of adrenaline filled activities and scenic views waited for them. 7 of them piled into a 10 passenger van and set out from Virginia to California and back. They were able to get away from day to day life and experience God's creation first hand.

What Lucas discovered during The Journey was so much more than just a photograph or "scenic view". God had radically shown Himself through nature and changed the way he viewed his Savior. Jesus had given them the opportunity to play in God's playground, and they wanted more. Lucas knew that they could make this a yearly event, but he had no idea it would turn into so much more. As The Journey reached out to more people, and as their passion for living life to the fullest grew, the idea of The Journey as more than just a yearly trip, truly began. Armed with the knowledge and experience, he knew he could share The Journey with others around the world.

To do this, he knew he needed other members on his team that could share the same vision of living life to the fullest through Christ. It is funny how God works, because He knew exactly what The Journey needed to start. God brought together the visionary, the administrator, the graphic artist, and the videographer to share the love of Christ through God's playground.


Our goals

Our long-term goals are to start an outdoor clothing brand that will not only be top of the line in performance, but will use the profits to give back to ministries. We want to strike a fire in the hearts of others so that you too can live your journey to the fullest; whether that is in your day-to-day life, or in God's playground. Anyone can experience true peace only found in Jesus, and The Journey wants you to discover that peace.


Our mission 

Young adults, striving to live out their passion by using their talents, gifts, and resources to empower others to make a difference in the world.

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Dallas, TX, 75218